Last Sunday, July 7, 2013, the Weddings at Work Community held a grand EB at Le Parc, Pasay City. It has has been attended by numerous w@wies and suppliers who in their own ways contributed to the success of it. Sharing some photos taken during the event:

The event was catered by Richgold.Here are some pics of their setup





Decor committee busy prepping up the hall.. Yes Im a member of this but sadly, I wasnt able to do some assigned DIYs due to heavy workload. I went there to give my utmost support by helping them with the setup








Would you believe that these beautiful creations are made by w@wies? Galing!

Siyempre I had my moment (hehe)

Traveling items.. These are passed from one wedding after another..I was a beneficiary of the treasure box and LOVE sign



Moki Gray also did a photo corner of her own.. The theme: Little red wedding hood:


Uhmm.. Ok.. she made me wear this.. For the love of w@w

Aside from Moki, I was so glad to see our wedding suppliers namely:

Chek Kiko of Toy Cakes and Pastries who did some souvenir chocolate cupcakes.. Like our wedding cake, its delish! I was able to bring home some :)

Chef Velmor of Purpledish who had a dessert corner.



With Fellow PD brides, Johanne and Zalby (whos an upcoming designer too!)

Box of Sweets by Punky Porca and her candy buffet. As usual, we enjoyed her treats :)





Aisle 1401’s Anna and John (not in the picture, Drei) who also cornered me for an interview asking what is it like to be a w@wie

Of course, Margarush


Even Punky and Moki enjoyed it.. Big time

They announced the winners of the W@W peer awards.. John and I got nominated for Trending Prenup


Blogerista Award (to which I was really surprised. This blog is meant only to document my own wedding preps only to find out that alot of couples are emailing me telling that my blog is really helpful in creating wedding ideas… So kilig!)

And this came out of nowhere.. It takes one award to make me realize that I was INDEED an obsessive compulsive bride during wedding preps hahaha! Thank you!

Photo by Camzar Photography with Ms Benz Co-Rana, Mr. Abet Rana and Mr Bong Sare of Threelogy Video.

Charmed Clay for the “trophy”



Congrats to fellow winners!

One thing I really enjoyed the most during the EB? Its the friendship I have gained during my 1 and a half year stay in w@w





Of course special thanks to Mimma and Didda Mr Abet and Mrs Benz Co Rana for creating this wonderful community. I know my membership with this group will end anytime soon since our wedding is over and done with (sniff sniff) but becoming a W@Wie added spice to our wedding memories!

..Because you can take a girl out of W@W…. but you can never take W@W out of the girl!

Will always be a proud W@Wie :)

W@W Love

As a way of giving back, a lot of brides shared their DIYs paraphernalias and passed it around to the soon to wed couples… We were blessed to use these wonderful stuff for our own wedding :)

Love sign by sis Lalaine as well as the “Love Happens” sign by Sis Jenny which was turned over to Moki Gray for her registration styling set ups

Same LOVE sign featured at sis Jenny’s (and Jake) Bob Nicolas Same Day Edit (theyre nominated as one of the trending videos at the W@w choice awards)

Treasure box by sis Joed (inside were Madlibs courtesy of Sis Charm by My Sassy Art)


Speaking of sis Charm, after her wedding, she became a supplier who made most of our personalized printable materials. These are:

Table numbers


Menu list


Bar list

Door hanger

And of course.. The Keep Calm poster


Thank you for spreading your W@W Love!

Thank You Weddings at Work!

Still high on getting nominated! Although I do not really expect to win at the Public choice for Talk of the Town- Trending Prenup category for Weddings at Work, its still great to be one of the top 5 contenders among all the beautiful engagement sessions!!!

Thank you to my fellow w@wies who voted for me and John! Thank you to all those people who have liked our prenup set! Most especially, thank you to all our suppliers who made our e-session a blast!

Like us on Facebook:






I congratulate Franz and Joed for being the top contender. The Head wreath was indeed trending! Glad the we have friends like you!

Cheers to all! :)

W@w choice award

Its a great HONOR to be nominated in the Weedings at Work Choice Awards not just 1 but 3 categories!


Thank to all those who voted for us! Thank you to all the readers of this blog! And good luck to all the co nominees! Im just happy that I became a part of this… Its really flattering that alot of brides sent their messages telling me that my blog is a great help to them in creating unique ideas for their own weddings!

Heres the w@w post about it




Manalo matalo kebs na! Huggsss!!!

The Lawyer GOT Married!

It has been one month since our big day but I must admit Im still on wedding HIGH! There are a lot of people to be thankful for that I don’t know where to start.

I felt that more than one year of wedding preps isn’t enough because until now, I still get wedding preps hangovers. I REALLY enjoyed every single day of it… and now that our wedding is finally done, all I can do now is reminisce the GOOD times!

I still can’t believe it, Im now married!


There are so many things I want to share but right now, I would first like to thank every one who have helped us pull through the DREAM wedding we envisioned =)

Our suppliers first and foremost, they were really our angels during the big day. we’re so glad that we picked them among all the other suppliers in the wedding industry.

Church: Christ the King Greenmeadows
Reception: Elements at Centis
Hotel Preps: Oakwood Premier Joy Nostalg
Caterer: Purpledish Catering
Event Stylist: Gideon Hermosa
Coordinator: Just Like Ours by Queen Eleanor Gutierrez-David
Emcee: Darlene Tan Salazar
Photo: Francis Perez for Team Pat Dy
Video: Bob Nicolas
BTS: Joanna Eduardo
Boudoir photographer: Boudoir Le Blanc
Prenup Photographer: Gail Bitoon of Foreveryday Photography
Engagement Stylist/HMUA: Aira Franco/Fritz Mortel
Prenup Video: Aisle 1401
Church/Reception Music: 3rd Avenue Band
L & S: Jamsy Lights and Sounds
LED wall; Stage: Sensitivity Lights and Sounds
Photobooth: Flipbooks by Flip Productions
Wedding Gown/ Groom’s suit: Marc Rancy
Entourage gowns: Jeff House of Fashion
Entourage Flowers: Vatel Manila
Boutonnieres/ Pillows: Etc Handmade Goodness
Wedding Cake/Candy Buffet: Chef Kiko Toy Cakes and Pastries
Bride’s HMUA: Tippy Destacamento
Bridal Car: Dream Limo
Candy Buffet: Box of Sweets by Punky Porca
Mobile Bar: Shakersbigpunch MobilebarMargaRush
Monogram/thumbprint guestbook: Moki Gray{designs}
Printed materials: My Sassy Art
Candles, Cord, secondary veil, etc: Aisa Serrano-Mendiola
PS Favors: Rachelbeli Wines
and of course WeddingsAtWork.com!

Our families… who were very supportive of us since the day we announced our engagement.

Our friends… especially those who helped us just listening to our wedding preps ordeal much so to those who willingly extended their hands for our big day.

Of course to God.. Lord, I know you have a plan for both of us. We were tried for so many times but you still kept us intact. Without you, the happy ending wont be possible.

More stories to come!


The annual Weddings and Debuts Bridal Fair 2013 has finally began and once again, the Weddings At Work Community has set up a booth for us w@wies. The booth was designed by Moki Gray, flower arrangement by Gideon Hermosa with the help of 4th Wall.

Me and Bubba.. MC and Nich’s baby. Sooo cute!
John and Marianne hehe
John and Marianne and Bubba :)
Jenny an Jake. Though theyre in Aussie, there presence is still there. Di pwedeng wala sila :)
Moki Mc and me
Me trying Jello shots of GQ mobile bar.. Sarap. :) I also tried their Appletini and took a sip of Margarush.. Umuwi akong tipsy hehe
With the w@wie sisses and Moki photos by sis Cecile


A day full of laughter and chikahan.

.. Its fun being a w@wie :)

Moki Gray

It all started at w@wie sis Jenny and Jake’s wedding when this super talkative group was created



This is also where we started going out with stylist and DIY queen Moki Gray

Here are some her sample works

W@wie couple MC and Nich’s guestbook

If you notice the couple in the drawing … Cute!

She also did reception styling, written materials, and table assignment at Jenny and Jake’s wedding





She’s also a “pseudo” manghuhula hahaha!

Joke lang Moki! :)

For more details visit:



Two digit countdown!

99 days left!

Sharing to you our dream team suppliers!

Church: Christ the King Greenmeadows
Reception: Elements at Centris
Hotel Preps: Oakwood Premier Joy Nostalg
Caterer: Purpledish Catering
Event Stylist: Stylento (Nikki Domingo)
Coordinator: Just Like Ours by Queen David
Emcee: Darlene Tan- Salazar
Photo: Francis Perez for Pat Dy
Video: Bob Nicolas
Boudoir photographer: Boudoir Le Blanc
Prenup Photographer: Gail Bitoon of Foreveryday Photography
Engagement Stylist: Aira Franco
Prenup Video: Aisle 1401
Church/Reception Music: 3rd Avenue Band
L & S: Jamsy Lights and Sounds
Photobooth: Flipbooks by Flip Productions
Wedding Gown: Marc Rancy
Groom’s Suit: Marc Rancy
Entourage gowns: Jeff House of Fashion
Entourage Flowers: Vatel Manila
Boutonnieres/ Pillows: Etc Handmade Goodness
Wedding Cake/Candy Buffet: Toy Cakes by Chef Kiko
Bride’s HMUA: Tippy Destacamento
Bridal Car: Dream Limo
Mobile Bar: Shakers Big Punch
Monogram: Fozzy Castro Dayrit
Invitation and DIYs: Sis Charm of My Sassy Art
PS Favors: Rachelbeli Wines
+ Starbucks booth to be booked 1 month before ;)

They told me that I got a good line of suppliers.. Little did they know I got some of them during promos and discounts… to enumerate:

1. Purpledish Catering – offered 30% discount with no service charge
2. Elements at Centris – booked on February 2012 at an introductory rate of 38k. Regular price is 75k
3. Foreveryday Photography – 2k discount. Mabait daw ako haha.
4. Aisle 1401 – Booked on February 2012 at an Introductory rate of 8k for prenup video.
5. Tippy Destacamento – booked last March 2012 at a promo rate of 8k for: a) airbrush for bride b) grooming of groom c) 2 additional heads using traditional makeup d) 2 makeup of flower girls e) 1k per head for additional heads
6) Shakers Big Punch 808 – booked on March 2012 at a promo rate of 14k for 250 pax
7) Oakwood Ortigas – discount voucher using Dealgrocer.com
8) Flipbooks – discount voucher at Dealgrocer.com
9) 3rd Avenue – 5k discount. Iba na ang friends ;)
10) ETC Handmade Goodness – pillows won at the W@W auction
11) Darlene Tan Salazar – 1k off on her regular rates
12) Toy Cakes and Pastries – free candy bar and bubble machine
13) Dream Limo – negotiated at a reasonable price which is around 4k discount on their regular rate
14) Rachelbeli Wines – booked during a promo at a discounted rate plus free 1 dozen of personalized chocolates
15) Just Like Ours – 10% discount to W@wies since its their 10th year.

How did I know all of them? I was religiously reading Weddings at Work Yahoogroups and Gtalk.

It pays to be an ACTIVE Gtalker and W@wie!:)

W@W Christmas Party 2012

Last November 16, W@w xmas party has been held at Blue Leaf Pavillion. I was able to meet a lot of fellow brides and get to see some of the suppliers in the wedding industry. It was a fun night and Im glad I didn’t miss the much awaited event. I was also glad that 2 of my suppliers were part of the top 5 wedding suppliers for 2012. They are Vatel Manila (Florist) and Aisle 1401 (Video).

Here are some pics taken during the christmas party. Some of which were grabbed from FB posted by fellow w@wies

With fellow Purpledish brides



With other w@wies Joed Tal Allan Daey and stylist Gideon Hermosa


With Arianne, fellow Marc Rancy bride


With our florist, Dylan Gozum of Vatel Manila


Top 10 weddings at Work Suppliers of the Year 2012 (Special shout out to Ms. Maja of Passion Cooks for winning it.. thank you for being so nice. Even though I didn’t get you as our caterer, still proud of you =P )


special mention to this lime margarita drink


It’s called “Margarush”




This Margarita Slush is soooo good! However, we already have a mobile bar booked and I felt that adding Margarush to our wedding is a bit OA na. Also, I’m TRYING to figure out where to get a additional budget for this… Sana may biyayang dumating! I tried bidding last w@w auction for this however, I lost =( probably not meant to be… Anyway, 5 months pa before the wedding…. baka may himala… HAHA!

Next post: I’ll be putting some pics what I got during the w@w Christmas Party=)

W@W Auction

Just last week, the Weddings at Work Community held their annual auction were the suppliers services can be given at their lowest rate depending on how much the highest bidder is willing to pay. From e-sessions, make up artists, and YES even wedding gowns are available!

Since i already booked our major suppliers, I tried bidding on the minor things such as mobile bar (Margarush but sadly I lost), cupcakes souvenirs (I lost this too), and prenup venue (I discontinued bidding when my enagement stylist told me some better ideas.

The experience of bidding your wedding needs was a blast! If I only knew that some of the suppliers could accommodate our April wedding despite its 5 month rush, I should’ve waited for this event. Risky though, but it was all worth it!

Nonetheless, Im happy with what I won during the auction! and these are:

Two- toned unity coins:

and personalized pillows from ETC Handmade goodness!

sample lang yan hihi.

Im very happy that most of our items for the wedding ceremony are personalized based on our theme. On top of that, our items are something that we can preserve and pass it on to the next generation.

For w@wies out there especially the future brides, in case you decide on joining Weddings at Work, don’t miss the annual auction! if you can wait before booking your suppliers, try first this one. Who knows, you might get your dream supplier half the price =)